Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amelia is 3 months old

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All in a day's work

Loadin' up my rig...

Wish they had (sippy) cup holders in these things...I could use some java

Pullin' up to the job site

Finally, the whole yard's raked. Mom better make me something good for dinner...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More halloween Strong Museum

Will mop for food...

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Our son will hug anybody!

"Trick or Treat"

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Amelia's shower

A friend of mine, Bethany, is due to have a little boy in December. Our pals threw a shower for both of us the other day and we had a wonderful time enjoying brunch and girl talk. Here we are with our little girl and boy hats...

Between my mom, my sis, and all the other girls--I don't think I held my little girl at all the whole morning! I had such fun dressing her in her first "fancy outfit," --discovering new things like 'rumba' tights (the kind with the lace on the bum)

Aunt Beth and her little niece
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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Scooby Doo push-ups, Sweet!

We had a bunch of family over for din the other night and I realized we had nothing for dessert -- a considerable obstacle in the Bannister family. Bob, after rummaging around in the freezer, announced that we had push-ups and bomp pops left over from summer. Needless to say, the toddlers were the only takers--oh yeah, Bob had one too.
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Charlie's favorite things

Charlie has started a cute little habit of collecting his favorite items (of the day) in this little plastic basket and carrying them around the house. He used to try to carry everything in his two hands, but this became too labor intensive. Here is a sample of Charlie's favorite things on an average day--a foam football, a sippy cup of lukewarm milk, a hammer that boinks and blinks on contact, a small plastic version of that knee-jerk instrument they use at the doctor's office (to Charlie-another hammer), and a bulldozer puzzle piece.
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Amelia's 2 month visit

We took Amelia in to the doctor for her 2 month visit. She's now 7 weeks old. She weighs 11 lbs 7 oz and is 23 1/4 inches long. That means she's grown nearly 2 inches since she was born! Doc said everything looks good and then she got three shots, poor thing. Amelia has entered somewhat of a fussy phase, crying quite a bit at night. Last night we tried everything--swing, rocker, car seat but she screamed regardless from 10-12am. They say the crying increases up to 8 weeks and then starts to decrease, but who's counting.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

At the zoo

OK, so here's our latest effort at compromising with an active explorer while still retaining parental control. I know, I know I swore I'd never use a "leash," but this is just a bear backpack...with a long tail...that you can pull if he won't go where you want him to. OK, I guess it has some similarities to a leash. Oh well, I also swore I'd never be one of those people that leaves their shopping cart at the front of their parking space instead of in the cart corral. Judge not...

In the leopard's tunnel. This is a tunnel that takes you into the leopard's lair where there is a small glass viewing tower. I don't think it was designed for adults.
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So peaceful here on the window seat...

Uh oh...where'd he come from?

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Mama's Birthday

On my birthday, I felt like the luckiest gal in the world just to have four of my favorite things around me (husband, two children and carrot cake). We also attempted the scariest family-o-four adventure yet..going out to dinner. We chose a noisy place, but still felt so conspicuous with all of our "equipment" piled around us...diaper bag, infant car seat, high chair, infant seat sling (which evidently is a contraption to hold an infant seat at table height)! The waitress was kind enough to bring Charlie's dinner first so that he didn't have to wait, but...that meant that he was done with his dinner just in time for ours to arrive. Needless to say, Bob and I gulped down a bit of our entrees and sped out to the safe haven of the car. But, hey, for a first attempt that didn't involve spit-up or a tantrum, we figured it was pretty darn good.

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Cider & Donut Party

At the (Bannister's) annual Cider & Donut party, the tots wore their costumes providing some great amusement for the attendees. The two monkeys and a dinosaur had a grand ole time. Incidentally, funny story, when one of Aaron's (monkey standing) toddler friends came over to trick or treat, she opened the door and immediately asked, "Aaron, is that a banana in your pocket?" ha ha.

Here's Charlie's 15-month-old cousin Lincoln and his Grandma.

Daddy dino squeezes in a quick snooze.
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Here is our little pumpkin with her cousin Lyndsay

My two great Aunts, Marge and Beth with Amelia.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Amelia gets the munchies

Disclaimer: the contents of the photos above were staged for fictional photography only and the events did not actually take place.
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