Thursday, November 20, 2008

Congratulations Jesse and Chris!

Introducing...Mr. and Mrs. Jesse and Christine Koepp!

A cute new couple joins the married world. It was such a beautiful wedding and we were so happy that we could be there to share it (and to see Aunt Christine get down at the reception!)

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Bidding farewell to fall (little sigh)

Aunt Jan, ever the merry hostess, had bouquets of leaves scattered around our outdoor picnic area. It was a beautiful day for Hempelfest!

Charlie and Linc are getting to be buds, throwin' rocks, gettin' muddy, doin' boy stuff.

Manda, baby Malacai (7 mths) -- Me, baby Mia (1 yr) -- Jessica, tiny baby Tate (1 mth)

Welcoming the newest cousin,Tate Hempel, to the clan--yeah! Tate is the 8th boy born to the Bannister cousins in the past three years with Amelia remaining the only girl! Victoria, Rachel, Lyndsay, some help here?? he he.

Here's Moo in the fall jumper that I made her. I saw this little corduroy acorn fabric at JoAnn's and had to get it!

Buzz Lightyear and Charlie the Builder/miner? He insisted on the headlamp. Ok, we "cheaped" out on his halloween costume this year.

Buzz "crashing." This required the nearest willing adult to push all of his buttons until he became operational again.

Mad(ame) Butterfly. Amelia hated her costume with a passion. I forced it on her a couple times since her Grandma slaved at the sewing machine to make it for her. She could abide the wings, but the antennae hat was too much to bear.

Uncle Scott took pity on Moo and held her up in the air by her feet repeatedly until she was cheerful again (she loves this). Amelia designated Uncle Scott her new favorite and even had the gall to reach out to him while her mother was holding her. Now that's crossing the line!

I think Ryan may have felt similarly about his halloweenie costume.
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Monday, November 03, 2008

A few more fall favorites...

There were tons of pumpkins laying out in the fields at Brown's Berry Patch. We sent Charlie forth to pick a pumpkin and he came back with this one--not even a pumpkin, a small gourd. We should have gone for it, they were only 50 cents!

Such a gift to be able to go apple picking with my 90 year old Gramps! He still drives hundreds of miles each season to deliver his son's apples all over the state. I'm glad this vitality runs in the family (although I suspect he may have more energy than I do!).

Charlie and Uncle Roger moving pallets together. Uncle Rog was so patient with Charlie, teaching him which levers to move and explaining how everything works. He's had a bit of practice with his 5 kiddos so he's definitely qualified!

The audio was the best part of this photo...Mia's moo-ing.

Love the horses in the background! My grandparents have a very picturesque view out their windows.