Monday, January 30, 2006

Week 35

The warm weather lately has been a pleasant surprise and it's a good thing since I can no longer see my feet to avoid icy patches on the driveway! Bob and I had our first childbirth class last week and met some other couples due around the same time. Learned a lot of interesting things and some things I'd probably rather not know! Our teachers suggested that Bob might need a tutorial because of his reply to the ice breaker question ("What will you say when your wife looks at you and says 'I don't think I can do this'"?). He wrote a few words on a piece of paper and slid it towards me. It read, "Suck it up, cream puff." Yeah, I had to share that with the group.

We just heard the news that our friends Bridgette and Don had a baby boy (4 weeks early and so cute) and that the next in line, Jenn Rice, just hit 38 weeks. We also found out last week that our friends, Kai and Amanda, will be expecting their second child in September. The baby boom has begun.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

New to Blogging...
This seems like a good way to keep in touch with those of you who are far away (and nearby too)--especially the grandparents-to-be who are down in sunny South Carolina now. Now, every Friday is a new milestone as Bob and I creep closer to the "big day" when we'll meet our new baby. I still can't believe that we're going to be parents, especially when I'm walking around Babies R Us and feeling like parenthood means entering an entirely new galaxy filled with foreign items like boppies, bjorns and exersaucers. But, we are extremely excited about this new baby and (after a little nagging that I innocently justified as "the nesting instinct") we finally even got around to getting the nursery ready. Today marks week 33 meaning there are just 7 weeks to go before my due date of March 12!