Friday, October 26, 2007

Apple Pickin' at the Bannister farm

Quite a treat for a tractor-lover (Charlie that is).

Cousin Jayne and Charlie checked out Great Grandma's toy selection. Charlie loved Jayne-- especially when she chased him around Great Grandma's house!

I love this picture!! Great Grandma held little Amelia so that Mom could eat. She was a little fussy, but Grandma said she didn't mind. After seven kids, I guess she can handle a little fussing!

Charlie didn't quite get the concept of apple picking. He just wandered around, picking up apples off of the ground and taking one bite, then putting that one down and picking up another. What would your Great Grandma say about that Charlie??

Jayne gave us a tour of the barn and the horses. Poor city boy, Charlie kept mooing at the horses!

Quite an excursion for a 3-week old!

Here's a video of Charlie getting apple pickin' tips from Dad and Great Grandpa Bannister...

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More pals

We had a girl's day out the other day. Bob watched Charlie so that Amelia and I could go join Lora, Violet, Danyelle, and Mallory for lunch. Here's Amelia with her new BFFs.

"It's so cool that you get to wear a barrette," says Amelia, "I can't wait until I grow hair."
"Those butterfly shoes are sweet," says Violet, "Baby Gap?"

Violet is such a sweet little flower...

Here's an earlier pic of Lora and Amelia.
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Since the moment I knew that I was having a girl, I knew I wanted to give her the middle name Marie in honor of my mother. Even more so since I have become a mother myself, I have been struck by how blessed I am to have my mom to support and stand by me and to be a positive influence and source of joy for my kids. I pray that Amelia will inherit some of the wonderful traits that make my mother so special and an inspiration to her four kids--her strength, selflessness, loyalty, and faithfulness.

Susan Marie and Amelia Marie

Amelia's first bath (in water)
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Amelia meets more pals

Our close friends, the Chitaphongs, came over to meet Amelia and to introduce her to her future girlfriend Ella who just turned one year old. Kaleb took this photo above.

Here's Kaleb hanging out with Charlie.

Charlie got a new puzzle for a Big Brother gift from the Chitaphongs. Here he is showing the pieces to his little sis.
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

A tribute to the world's greatest two-year-old

Ok, this little fella isn't exactly an Adams family member, but he is just so darn cute we had to share some photos. This is Aaron, Charlie's cousin, during his birthday week with a mouthful of cake (first photo) and with his new "tar" (second photo). Aaron is happy to offer impromptu performances anytime -- his song of choice being 'Puff the Magic Dragon'. Happy Birthday buddy, we love you!
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Monday, October 15, 2007

A helpful big brother

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A Day in the Life of Me and My Cousin --by CKA

Every good day begins with an affectionate hug er-- headlock.

A bloody nose keeps Mom guessing and helps her perfect her skills in stain removal. (Incidentally this injury was not inflicted directly by my cousin, but by a wayward wooden toy that got in the way while we were wrestling)

Both of us love making mischief and we also love Dunkin Donuts munchkins. What happens when you mix the two? Look carefully at the electronic ball popper depicted in the photo above. Two of the three "balls" are authentic, but the third is...yes, a donut hole. Aaron thought it might be kind of cool to see what happened. We provide a lot of entertainment (and migraines) for our parents!
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...and I'm not especially happy about it

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Meeting more family!

Grandma and Grandpa came up to stay with Charlie while Mom and Dad were in the hospital with Amelia. They brought him by to visit his little sis often.

Cousin Aaron loves his new little pal. He's always happy to give her kisses, but requires some supervision...Aunt Beth keeps an eye on the boys! Aunt Beth is a huge help in every way and I don't know what I'd do without her. Whenever I get tired or discouraged, Beth is there with a supportive phone call, visit or Dunkin Donuts coffee! Thanks, Sis!

Grandma's so pleased to have her first grand daughter at last! She stayed with us for the week and I (Jen) came to the conclusion that, with Mom here and with Bob having a couple days off each week, maybe I could pull this Two under Two thing off. But, alas, Mom had to leave at the end of the week. We both cried (just like last time) realizing how precious it is to share these times together and feeling sad to have it end. I am truly blessed to have a mother who is so caring and so capable. Oh yes, and Charlie cried when Grandma left too! They had so much fun together that week!

Here is Amelia with her Aunt Kat. It's so fun to tell baby news to Kat because she screams, drops whatever she's doing and jumps in her car to come see her new niece! Amelia is hoping she will grow up to be as pretty and sweet as her Auntie!

Uncle Jon came up to visit his little niece in the hospital. Amelia was a little jealous of the abundance of hair her uncle has. It might be a while Amelia...

Here is Charlie giving Amelia a "kiss," --it is more of a "lean in with open mouth," but the love is there:)

Here is Grandpa holding Amelia after she had her last round of antibiotics. It's so special to see my Dad holding my little girl, the way he probably held me when I was just a newborn!
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