Monday, September 29, 2008

Farewell to summer

Next year Mia probably won't be tottering around stiffly --her kind dad calls her "Frank" (enstein) --and I wonder if Charlie will still be as devoted to sand and mud and any digger, loader, excavator, crane, cement mixer or tractor under the sun. It was such a great summer!
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

As colored leaves fluttered in Fall
we were blessed with something small

crinkle smiles in those
deep brown eyes
How you are the light in mine.

Happy First Birthday Amelia Marie, we love you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

(finally) b-day pics

Being 1 is the coolest! ...except that my big bro opened and subsequently claimed all my presents. You'd better sleep with one eye open though, Charlie, because I'm walking now and I know where you keep your tools...

Yes, first birthdays are big, but are they truly as "big" as the day you wear your first hair accessory? Notice pink barrette--may require zoom.

With gorgeous Auntie Kat.

This is Amelia's boyfriend, Kyle. Or, I should say more appropriately that Amelia is Kyle's girlfriend. She is not sure about him yet. Kyle gives Amelia kisses and hugs whenever he has the chance. She welcomes the affection for a spell, but then usually ends up giving him the straight arm...

Mia and Mama. She did obediently wear her birthday bib that I made to commemorate the occasion. Such a good girl.

This pic's a little blurry, but I had to put it in. Seems like there is always a moment like this at every one-year-old b-day bash. Plus, it always reminds me of the Berenstein Bears book, "Too Much Birthday."

As soon as Moo saw the cake and candle combo, she was all smiles again. But, I put this photo in mostly for my nephew's priceless expression (in the background). He absolutely loves the whole birthday deal--preferably his own, but he'll take anybody's really. His birthday is the day before Mia's, so he was in frosted bliss for the whole weekend.

Aaron's expression is even better in this one!

Sahmel clan bidding farewell to the birthday girl. Nice coordination on the outfits there!

Dude, these pieces are huge!

I know I should have a really good caption for this one, but it's late and I'm drawing a blank.

I'm not sure why this one is littler than the others. Little Violet giving Mia a birthday smackeroo.
How wonderful would it be if these two grew up being best buds just like their moms...minus
the six-pack in the closet at the dorm.

Violet 1 1/2 years-- has the most beautiful curls! Mia has barrette envy...

So glad that Gram and Papa could be here with us to share Mia's day. It wouldn't be a party without you guys!

Here comes Tori, another pal of Mia's.

The kids painted mini-pumpkins, well gourds, but mini-pumpkins sound cuter. Here's Mallory painting, and staying clean. Watch and learn Mia. Mom is counting
on you being "the clean one."

The littlest party guest--my sweet nephew Ryan just 6 weeks old.

I forgot to take pics of the decorations or cakes! But, this one kind of shows one of the cakes.
Kat and I decorated them together with cream cheese frosting and jelly bellies. Kat also
stayed up late with us making 100 slider hamburgers for the picnic. She helped me "pot" our fall hydrangeas in jars and put them in paper bags on all the tables. Oh, and she bought
Mia the cutest trendy butterfly long-sleeved tee and sweater set, remembering that Mia loves butterflies.
What a sis and Auntie!

Soggy sliders! We made all different kinds (herb-y ones, blue cheese, spicy turkey...) Thankfully, the boys kept our food dry. Poor Uncle Jon spent the whole party at the grill. Sorry buddy. I know you would rather have been playing with the toddlers!

First this.

Then this. I should have gotten a picture of Aaron's HUGE shiner. Poor kid. And of course, Beth had an appt scheduled to take Aaron's b-day pics a few days later. She figured it just added a dose of reality to the photos!

You can't beat bare baby feet in the grass.

Grandma cuddles with Ryan.

Yes, all those corny songs about daddy's little girls make me cry now. There is something so special about the big dad and the little daughter.

Mia's happiest when she has a finger or two to hold on to. She definitely likes to stay close, unlike her bro at this age who was much more independent. It's kind of nice, until you try to leave her
with a babysitter. I always said I wouldn't do that sneak away when they're not looking thing--totally do it all the time with Moo.

The kids love Uncle Jon Jon. Look at the guy, what's not to love? PS-what was going on here Jon?

Mia greets her guests: our pals the Austins and their boy Abel. I love having Abel around because he enjoys everything to the fullest and gives you those big smiles. His parents aren't so bad either!

So you say this hair runs in the family Uncle Jon?

Here's Mia unwrapping her birthday package from Grandpa and Nana in S.C. She loved the excitement of it all and was shrieking gleefully. I think in this pic she had just eaten some tissue paper.

This is the birthday where I get my license, right Mom? I've been wanting to get behind the wheel of this cozy coupe for-ev-er!

More presents!

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Hot to trot.

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