Monday, February 13, 2006

Nursery Pics
Isn't it cute? Bob is quite handy when it comes to painting and remodeling. Aaron (our adorable 4-month old nephew) stopped by for a visit and seemed to like it pretty well--ok, maybe he's really smiling because his feet are so ticklish!

Week 36

My family threw a wonderful shower for me this past Saturday. The baby was pretty excited about it too and everyone could see him moving across my stomach (even from across the room). Manda hosted the shower and all the Aunts and cousins were there along with the proud Grandma and Aunts Beth and Kathleen. I was happily suprised to have two of my high school pals come too and Rabia, a friend who goes to UB with Bob. We missed Mom Adams (in South Carolina) and Great Grandma Bannister (in Florida) and wished they could have been there too. From Bob's side, Aunt Laurel and Kari were there, as well as, (soon to be) Aunt Maureen. We played a few games and opened a lot of wonderful gifts, some very impressive homemade ones included. Bob and I had fun putting all the goodies away when I got home. We are still enjoying the cozy nursery, especially as it fills with gifts from our loved ones.