Friday, December 25, 2009

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Charles in charge

Woe is me. Bob is in Vegas for 7 days. I must clarify that this is for work, but I am no less feeling abandoned and a bit jealous. He's staying in the Trump tower in a gorgeous room and gets to be wined and dined by pharmacy equipment sales reps. Well, he does also have to sit through boring lectures such as: Metformin use in renal dysfunction or Withdrawal symptoms after dicontinuation of transdermal scopolamine therapy. But, he probably gets to listen in while consuming unlimited amounts of good coffee and probably mini muffins. Anyway, we're here on our own for the week and Bob made the 'mistake' of telling Charlie that he was "in charge" while he was gone. This morning as we left for church and I gave my usual, "You need to listen to Mommy and be quiet" speech, Charlie informed me, "But Mom, you need to listen to me because remember Daddy said that I'm in charge?" On a sweeter note, Charlie gave Bob his stuffed penguin ornament "Pengly" to take with him and "keep him company." So, Bob has been sending shots of Pengly in Vegas to humor us all while he's away.

As if I'm not forlorn enough, Amelia has officially grown out of the cutest boots ever (a gift from Aunty Beth). Boo hoo below:

But, as usual, there are too many cheery things in the world to stay gloomy for long...

Charlie came home from pre-school the other day "hee-hawing" and told me that he is going to be a donkey in the school Christmas play. It is embarrassing to admit how excited I was and am--to see my little boy in a play.

A Christmas house is so heart-warming. We have this little mantle advent calendar of sorts where a ceramic snowman slides along the dates. Somehow, the snowman keeps ending up on Christmas (hmmm, Charlie)? Here he is, once again, sliding Frosty back to his rightful spot on the calendar.

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