Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Hi Ducks!"

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Camping: Part I

"So, this is camping huh Mom?"--Yeah, there was a bit of rain involved. We could only keep Charlie cooped up in the camper so long, so Grandma came up with this creative rain slicker and let the toddler run wild.

"I love you too Grandma, now how 'bout that Blow Pop?"

Hangin' out by the campfire with Gramps.

Charlie and I joined Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Jon for a camping trip in the Adirondacks a couple weeks ago. Now, you may wonder why I be foolish enough to consider going camping at 8 months pregnant...with a toddler...without my husband to help. Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing too in retrospect!! Nah, it wasn't that bad...during the day anyway.

We borrowed a pop-up camper from Great Gram and Gramps and had a cozy set up at our campsite. The first day we went on a nice hike around Nick's Lake and Charlie fed the ducks near the shore. Ah, the great outdoors. Then night fell...

Charlie did some serious bonding with dear Uncle Jon

After we put Charlie to bed, we all sat out by the fire for a while. The loons were calling, crickets singing and then from the stillness came the sound of a baby crying--a sound not so natural and serene. Grandma and I tried to soothe him and it would work for a while and then he'd wake up again, stand up in his pack-n-play and spy the four adults who were so rudely sharing his room and not paying any attention to him--more crying. Finally in the wee hours of the morning, Grandma took Charlie for a car ride and then parked so that they could "sleep" until dawn. God Bless Grandma. We thought maybe it would be better the second night since he would be more used to the camper. Uh no. The third night, we traded the blue spruces surrounding our campsite for the Blue Spruce Motel in nearby Old Forge. Sleep at last!
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Koepp Family Reunion

We joined the Koepp clan out in Albany a couple weeks ago for a reunion with the fam. We were sad that Grandpa and Grandma Adams couldn't be with us! Charlie had a good time rambling around Nana's farm; he especially enjoyed the cornfield.

Uncle Dave gave Charlie this dump truck, so when he needed a break from playing, he just coaxed Uncle Jon into pushing him around the yard for a while.

Checkin' out the tractors

Gettin' to know his cousins a little better... Matteo and Aiden are so sweet. Matteo pulled these boys around for a long time and they loved it!! Plus it gave mom and dad a chance to gulp down a hot dog.