Monday, November 22, 2010

Chief Chews-on-Fist

Our very drooly, very happy baby with a growing appetite and two shiny new teeth is now 7-m0-old. The kids get a kick out of Wesley's tiny toothbrush! Such a wiggler, he can somehow manage to cross the room just by wiggling to and fro. He is ticklish, especially those chubby legs and is slowly learning to nap twice a day. Trying lots of new food, from baby spinach to lima beans-- there hasn't been anything he hasn't gobbled right up. Last night, he picked up and ate peas on his own and it was oh so cute to see him concentrating so hard only to lose the pea in his fist. We sure are thankful that you have joined our family, sweet Wes.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halloween in review!

Has to be said, "Happy Hail-o-ween!" Ugh, this at least kept our candy quanities under control. We did a handful of houses and headed home to warm up at Beth's cozy Hedgegarth hearth.

Yee haw. Another round up of preschoolers for the annual harvest party. Love my little (big) cowboy and cowgirl. Worked out rather nicely that Amelia wanted to be Jesse from Toy Story this year, costume fit both occasions. Amelia was quite the spirited cowgirl--happy to belt out a robust "Howdy!" and happily prancing around on her "horse". fun times.

Love this pic, appears Buzz was having an olfactory malfunction--must have been a Zurg-related injury. I think each kid in this photo has worn the pea pod costume at one point or another, this year was Wesley's turn. Aaron and Ryan as batman and Robin- sweetest little super heroes! Love those muscles...
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