Saturday, July 12, 2008

Father and son haircuts

The cut...

...and the candy!

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Charlie loves going to the zoo, or as he calls it, the "woo." I'm not sure why it comes out "woo," but that's what he calls it. His favorite animals are the rhinos (Rosco and Bill) and the elephants. Here he is with Papa heading in for a zoo visit.
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Nine months old

Such a happy girl and, apparently, a tall girl. Amelia had her nine month appointment this week. Her weight is average and turns out she's in the 90th percentile for height. It's been funny to compare the two baby calendars--Mia's and her bro's. Charlie at this age, was five pounds heavier, a little taller, had two more teeth, and was not moving around at all (perhaps due to the extra girth!). Charlie loved his bottle and drank almost 40 ounces daily. Mia drinks 26 ounces and will drink it from either the cup or the bottle with no preference. Amelia is a spry one-- crawling into cupboards, swinging on the dishwasher racks and climbing stairs! She will smile (and growl) at anyone or anything that crosses her path. One thing the two nine months olds do share--a lack of hair!
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