Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day... a guy who will do almost anything for his kids!

So glad we're in this together!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Proud Little Preschooler

Just the other day, my sis (Beth) and I were lamenting the fact that next year our dear little boys will be leaving the happy preschool bubble. Inside this bubble they have wonderful Christian teachers who love and nurture them and consider it a privilege to teach our kids. Twice a week, the boys scamper away happily for a pleasant, manageable couple hours of crafting, cooking, stories and romps. They rush into our arms after school ends and proudly brandish their egg carton caterpillars and paper bag frogs which Mom dutifully displays on any open wall space she can find (since the fridge front is long past full). Charlie's teacher (in the blue above) teared up as she said good-bye to the kids and told Charlie, "Thank goodness you're coming back next year or I'd really be sobbing!" Then, in her choked up voice, Mrs. Hadzima read a quite touching book ('Curious You') about Curious George growing up and discovering oh-so-wonderful adventures. She and her assistant, Mrs. Dean, spent hours creating these amazing scrapbooks (below) chronicling the crafts and pics of the preschool year (especially nice since my own scrapbook is woefully behind). We are so incredibly thankful for the special teachers at Charlie's preschool. He has come so far this past year and the patience and creativity of his teachers has touched this mama's heart. Sniff Sniff. Just yesterday, I was chatting with Charlie about school and feeling very sentimentally thankful for the friends and teachers there. "Do you kind of miss school a little, Char?"
Eh--what do toddlers know anyway?

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Meeting the Grands!

The face says it all! Charlie and Amelia loved having Grandpa and Nana up for a visit and certainly gave them a workout! I'm sure Bob was happy to surrender the responsibilities of resident 'Tickle Monster' to his Dad. You did a bang-up job, Grandpa!

Wesley got some serious snuggle time with all the new relatives on the scene. Here he is with Aunt Maureen.

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Friday, June 04, 2010

The littlest foreman

"Make sure you lay it on thick there Dad, we don't want to have to re-do that grout."
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