Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Almost 2!

In Aunt Kat's tradition, she took Amelia to Build-A-Bear to 'construct' an animal for her 2-year-old birthday (Sweet Auntie that she is). Kathleen left Monday for Kentucky to start her travel P.T. job. We miss her terribly--seeing her little blue car in the driveway, her happy greetings each day after work, play time and tub time with the kiddos and, her scrubbing of my kitchen sink until it gleamed like the noonday sun.

Amelia chose to stuff a cat, no surprises there. The kid is in love with cats or "meows." Two of my girlfriends have cats and whenever she is at their homes, she follows the poor animals around chatting it up with them in a high screechy voice. Nana would be proud!!

We tried repeatedly to get her to name her cat, but she just kept saying, "Girl." This is also her reply whenever anyone asks her name. She likes to be very clear about gender--must be her brother's influence. A couple times of day, most days, she recites her creed of, "Mia-girl. Mommy-big girl. Char Char-boy. Daddy-big boy." Sometimes she mixes it up though. Poor Aunt Kat, for some reason, usually gets placed in the "boy" category--most likely because that statement results in a long tickling session with the offended Aunt;)

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