Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer at last!

discovering a lady bug

These two are certainly happy that the real summer, not that rainy record-low temperature summer impostor, has finally arrived. Strangely, there isn't much these kids like better than rambling around our small backyard in very little clothing and with a bit of water involved. For the most part, they enjoy playing together. But, there are exceptions of course. Amelia's new thing is that--whenever she gets hurt, whether Charlie did it or not, she'll say sobbing, "Mommmmmyyyyy, Char Char bonk Mia." At first, I fell for this one thinking that Charlie was taking a shot at her when I wasn't looking. And yes, sometimes this is accurate. But, then the other day I was watching them from the kitchen window. They were in the sandbox. Charlie was digging peacably, making a road out of some old bricks when Amelia (apparently without cause) began hitting him repeatedly on the head with a big yellow shovel. As you might expect, Charlie tolerated a couple strikes, but then turned around and gave her a push. Amelia then turned toward the house and started yowling. I came out and the report: "Mommy, Char Char bonk Miaaaaaa."
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Patch Adams

Pickin' and snackin'....Charlie, "Look Mom (holding up a handful of white berries), I picked all these baby strawberries for you!"

Nine quarts of juicy goodness.

Minus 1 quart for shortcake...

My mashers.

Mmm, Mom gets to enjoy a beer while jam simmers and Dad and the kids are mesmerized by Fox and the Hound.

A little watery which I think is a result of boiling such a big batch? But, oh so good!
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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Allegany Part 2 - "Soggy"

On Saturday morning, we awoke to a "whoosh"--not a pitter patter, a downright downpour! Here is where our campfire used to be, insert river.

Of course, we made the best of it --chatting and, of course, eating ourselves silly.

Amelia and the birthday Papa.

I usually try to avoid posting those "naked photos" but, let's face it, our readership is small and I just love the curls on the top of Moo's head. Plus, I want to be sure to document the "bucket baths" that have somehow become a quintessential part of all family camping trips! It's so Laura Ingalls-esque, I love it!

Allegany cabins have received an upgrade for those of you who haven't been there lately. Cabins now have electricity and central heating! [Can you call it 'central heating' when there's only one room?] Yeah, it takes a way a bit from the roughin' it feel and the wood stove was cozy but, it is nice not to have to rig up lanterns when your getting ready for bed and ..and to not have to get up in the night to stoke the fire in those colder months.

I don't really remember the context of this one, looks like folks were getting a little hard up for entertainment...at Charlie's expense!

Gathered on the porch (for most of the day)

The skies cleared late in the afternoon and we headed out for a hike.

Mia the Spelunker

Did I mention it was dark and gloomy?

Aunt Kat came late since she was taking her Physical Therapy board exam on Friday. Early Saturday morning she found out that she passed, jumped up to tell everyone and promptly fell down the porch steps into the mud. It was pretty funny and (since there were only minor injuries) gave us a good laugh!

Seriously, it's still raining Mom?

Bob and Jon took the well-slickered boys out into the downpour to run around and enjoy the puddles.

I guess this technically belongs in the "Shiny" category since it occured on day 1 -- certainly no blue sky on Saturday! It's such a cute Uncle shot!

Here are a couple more from Friday. Amelia insisted on helping Papa make the fire. He gave her a small chunk of wood to take from the trunk to the campfire spot and thought that would be it. But, no, she returned for five more trips. I'd say she earned her Junior Woodsy badge.

"Papa's got me bustin' my hump" (movie quote for you Lora and T)

Allegany Part 1-"Shiny"

Coming off a rather soggy weekend in Keuka Lake, I was more than a little dismayed to hear the weather forecast for our weekend at Allegany State Park. We'd all reserved cabins to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday-whoopee! Since Friday was sunny, we raced to the beach as soon as we got there to enjoy a little summer before the monsoon arrived.

Here's Mom and Amelia hanging out at the water's edge. Notice goose poop dangerously close to Mia's left side...)

The forces aligned and Amelia was perfectly accessorized. Not only did Mom find a lime green barette on the floor in our car (that perfectly matched the trim on Moo's suit), but the bucket coordinates nicely as well. Where is Aunt Kat to appreciate such wardrobing?

Two gals in polka dots.

A sandy beach (or box): Charlie's utopia

This shot reminds me of a line from one of Charlie's construction books, (read ad nauseum), "The loader is the building site workhorse..." Bob found this one online and it often travels with us.

Hmmm, perhaps all men seek solace in the sand. Notice, no kids anywhere and yet, Bob and Jon continue to perfect their estuary.

Uncle Jon-Jon gettin' down and dirty in the sand. He is so cute with the kiddos!

Saturday, July 04, 2009