Sunday, June 28, 2009

Team Adams

On Father's Day, the kids marched out with their toddler-sized baseball mitts to present Dad with a new mitt of his own. I couldn't resist this pink and purple one for Amelia.

"Dang it, how could I have missed that pop fly?"

We also made Daddy-o some "lawn mower" cupcakes. Charlie and Amelia helped me make em. Amelia made sure to push the "engine" waaaay down into the cupcake and then both kids proceeded to happily eat the wheels (M & Ms) until Mommy finally caught on. Such great "helpers"...

Charlie's mitt is black like Dad's. He is starting a notable pattern of vocalized gender inequality that isn't exactly p.c. For example, he doesn't think that women are able to mow the lawn or use tools, even yard tools. The other day when I was using a large shovel in the backyard, he had the nerve to ask me if Daddy said I could use it! Pulling into a gas station another day, he tilted his head and said, perplexed, "Mommy, you can't get gas. Daddy gets the gas." Hmmm, this kid needs to be schooled. Although, perhaps getting Mia the pink mitt isn't especially helpful in dispeling stereotypes...Unfortunately, baseball will not be the area for me to illustrate equity of gender. I'll let Bob have that one. I hope they have many happy games of catch in their future!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Father's Day

From the kids (paraphrased): Thanks for always being excited to see us when you get home from work and for piggy back rides, chocolate milk, and trips to the hardware store. Thanks for all the times you convinced Mom to walk down to get ice cream after dinner and for always slipping those tiny chocolate covered donuts into the cart when she wasn't looking. Thanks for always having a project for us to do and letting us use your tools. Thanks for reading Dr. Seuss, singing "Twinkle, Twinkle," and making strawberry pancakes. Thanks for watching 'Cars' and 'George' with us and for vacuuming the popcorn out of the rug afterward. Thanks for the wrestling, tickling, lego-building, swimming, fort-making, dancing, bike-riding and giggling.
We're so gosh darn lucky to have ya!

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms!

This year I feel blessed because two beautiful children scrambled unto my bed to wish me a Happy Mother's Day, because I only have one set of diapers to change now, because Charlie draws pictures of me with arms coming out of my head, because Amelia wears pig tails, because I get to answer the question "Why?" a thousand times a day, because I get to buy children's books, because I get to use glue sticks and googly eyes and pipe cleaners, 'cuz I get to watch Amelia dance, because Charlie and Amelia are occassionally the best of friends, and because I get to see my husband be an amazing dad. I'm also thankful that motherhood is not making me too sentimental-hardy har.

Came across these keepers and had to share...

Well, this one didn't come out great and but we did manage to get all the cousins in the frame at least--7 of the 9 Bannister Clan Kiddos who were born in the last three years. Plus, Aaron's expression is priceless (far left). Does anyone have a better version, if so please share!

Capturing the mischief of two boys. We missed you, Manda and Mike, but thanks for sending the kids!

Kat and Ryan James.

Foxy cousins, Kat and Rachel.

Kat with the big little bro.

Aren't these grandparents just the cutest?

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