Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mama's little boy

Hmmm, perhaps Charlie is outgrowing his infant seat?

We were at Eastman House for a picnic and Charlie started to look sleepy. We put him in his infant seat thinking he would maybe drop off for a nap. Pretty soon we saw his head pop out the top of the seat and his hands using the roof to climb out to freedom.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Apparently Charlie finds his Dad's lower back pain amusing. I think our little boy's days in the Baby Bjorn are numbered. Weighing in at over 20 lbs., this kid should be on a big wheel!

Charlie Visits our Nation's Capital

Jen had to go down to D.C. for a grant review, so Charlie and Bob came down mid-week to spend some time strolling around the capitol. We visited all the monuments so that Char could pay his respects to the founding fathers of our great nation. He liked the World War II Memorial the best because of all the cool fountains. Mom and Dad had to do an impromptu diaper change near the White House, not sure if that was a political commentary on Charlie's part...