Tuesday, February 17, 2009

(tiny) new developments

OK, lean in, closer...closer--there it is! The new bit of joy in our daily get-dressed routine. Amelia has expanded her daily "do" to include a (tiny) ponytail, (tiny-er) pigtails, and a "spike" as her dad calls it (this is a top of the head ponytail that sticks straight up in the air). It is so much fun to see her strutting around with her Oscar-worthy up-dos. Since she doesn't really let me put barrettes in and she hates shoes, this is the best accessorizing I can get out of her. [Well, she does love her pink snow boots and often tromps around the house with them on the wrong feet--smiling all the while.] The ponytail also goes great with her pout--another recent development. If she is offended (i.e. a parent tells her she can't eat the Cascade power ball detergent disk from out of the dishwasher door) she will turn toward the wall and put her head down slightly and puff out that lower lip. The profile, with the ponytail, is just perfect. Wish I could get a picture of that! Hmmm, I'll work on it. The pout does seem to be occurring quite often these days...
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