Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A milestone, few months tardy.

After Wesley's nine month visit to the doctor where I had to sheepishly admit that Wes has still been getting up 1-2 times in the night, Bob and I decided it was time for the dreaded "cry it out." Some babies, like those in most parenting books, start sleeping through the night entirely on their own, in natural course--without any parental intervention. Whether it is something we are doing or not doing, we do not have those babies.

First came Charlie and at 6 months, the age that those parenting books say that babies no longer need to have a nightime feeding, we dutifully let him cry during the night. For a few nights it was painful, mom laying there with clenched fists (dad snoring) but then it was less and less so until, magically we woke up in the morning with the hip hip hooray realization that he had slept through. With Amelia, it was 8 months, same thing -- wailing in the other room, clenched fists and, ta-da, restful night! Now, with Wes, 9 months and man, we've been dragging our feet! It is a little more complicated with three kids and the boys sharing a room. The couple times we had let Wes cry a bit, Charlie would start yelling, "Mom--myyyy, can you get Wes?" Or, he would offer helpful advice like, "Why don't you try turning off the hall light because it's keeping Wesley awake." That may have, in fact, been true. But, we couldn't turn off the hall light because if we did, Amelia would probably wake up crying and say it's too dark.

I'm sure for some, even the crying it out method doesn't work. But, fortunately it does work for us. We let Wesley cry last Thursday and he cried for nearly 2 hours off and on. It was torturous for me and I had to go down to lay on the couch downstairs with the TV on to be able to bear it. Just when I was going to call it quits, he stopped. The next night was more crying, but not so long. The third night, just a half hour of half-hearted crying and finally, a whole night of quiet. Our little 9-month-old is sleeping through the night! And...is it me or is he just a tad bit cuter than he was yesterday?;)

Stats: 23 lbs, 28.5"
Chompers: 2 uppers, 2 down
Sounds: "da da", "la la" but NO "ma ma" yet!
Movin' and Groovin': n/a-- which, I must admit, is such a blessing considering the number of tiny lego bow n' arrows, necklace beads, my little pony shoes (why, oh why, do they make such things?) and such laying about, not to mention the beauty of knowing that Wesley will be more or less where I left him when I have to dash off to tend to some emergency or another. He does wiggle around a bit when he's on his back...but other than that, not much happening. I had to laugh when the pediatrician was trying to delicately tell me that, "the (pause while he searched for an appropriate word...) heavier babies tend to walk later." he, he.
Eating: ...everything! Whenever he is in his booster seat, the "happy hands" start wiggling and he waits eagerly for something to munch. He loves eggs, pasta, fish, ham, turkey, chicken, rice, fruit and veggies. Well, he loves whatever the spoon brings him. He does great with finger foods and loves to pluck up cheerios and bits of fruit or veggies. I am a little sad that the baby food days are ending. I have thoroughly enjoyed mixing up delicacies in my new food processor! He's also started to hold his bottle which is fantastic and he sucks a bit on the sippy cup too.
Other: He's started to wave and loves to have books read to him, especially 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear'--a family favorite. Then again, he also likes to eat the books so it can be a bit tricky. Still loves the tub and will stay in splashing happily til he's pruny. Looks awful cute in 2-piece flannel pjs. Laughs loud whenever he sees himself in the mirror and is also quite ticklish. Adores his siblings and always has a smile for everyone!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Farewell, Christmas- Hello 2011!

So many wonderful memories this Christmas. Highlights include: Charlie's batman costume, the first Cherry Creek Christmas program with precious kiddo performances including a duet from Scott and Aaron, snowball fights, Russ and Wesley's first Christmas with us, cookie-making with Amelia, Ryan's cookie obsession, Aunt Kat's amazing cookie abundance (hmmm, is there a theme here), Expectant Aunt Beth, and Amelia's new dollhouse handmade by Papa and Uncle Jon.
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Farewell, Christmas Part 2

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