Sunday, April 26, 2009

South for Easter

We traveled down South by car to visit Bob's parents. Despite the 17-hour never-ending feel of the ride, it actually went okay. Treats from Grandma Susan and Aunt Beth came in quite handy and we doled them out as needed. [This backfired a little bit due to a consequential sugar high which deferred naptime]. Oh yes, and we caved and bought the portable DVD player--dual monitors and all. We've officially become those parents;) The kids loved being outdoors in warmer weather and helping Nana and Dad do some gardening. Grandpa supervised since the poor guy broke his foot the week before!

Easter Sunday all decked out.

Aunt Kat is in Tennessee doing her last rotation before she is done with graduate school for good. She drove 6 hours to spend Easter with us. It was so great to have some sister time Kat--we even got to go out on the town in Greenville just the two of us. Oh yeah, you haven't lived until you've hit the late night scene in downtown G-ville.

The "best" family pic we got on Easter. Yeah, I know, kind of crappy. In the next one, Charlie is flipping out and Amelia is chewing on her purse.

Little Amelia liked being dressed up. Mom bought her this cute get-up complete with purse, bracelets and headband. To our surprise, she immediately cradled the purse in the crook of her arm and kept it there for quite a while. Love the elephant knee tights!

Such a treat to be able to visit our pals in nearby Greenville. Here are two of the three Watson girls doing some karaoke on their mom's new machine.

We celebrated Nana's birthday together. Charlie helped me make "worms n' dirt" cupcakes (his choice) for the occasion. It was so great to be able to eat all of our meals outside in the S.C. sunshine. Happy Birthday Nana!

Down the road a bit, we discovered a safari--at least that's what they called it. It was great! We bounced around acres of land in a windowless bus. There were animals everywhere! The kids were actually a little freaked out with the feeding bit, but they loved watching the animals. I just could not get over the size of these tongues (below)...there was a petting zoo-type area too and Amelia was in heaven chasing her "buck bucks". She continues to be completely captivated by anything with a beak.

He sniffs.

He scores.

Thanks for a wonderful week, Nana and Grandpa. We love you and miss you already!