Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mealtime Twister (left hand sippy cup, right hand pudding...)

"Charlie and the spoon" (a series)

The other night we relented (after Charlie had already taken a ravioli in his hand and smeared it generously all over his scalp) and let Charlie have a go at feeding himself some butterscotch pudding...Here he is surveying the spoon.

There was no hesitation on the part of the young novice. He dove in with fervor...

and eventually made it to his mouth...and chin...and nose...

Then he found a quicker way

The end.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Walking never painful!

Charlie is walking---rather unsteadily I must add. He takes so many spills now and, being at a higher altitude, these spills are more traumatic. Yesterday, right before Mom was about to take him to meet friends for lunch, he took a header into the coffee table. As soon as I picked him up I saw that his eye was bright blue which of course freaked Mom out. Putting ice on it seemed to bother him worse then the injury so eventually we gave up on that. Today it is a pretty rainbow of purple, red and blue. I'm sure it will only get more attractive.

A Snowy Easter in Cherry Creek

We headed out to Cherry Creek to spend Easter with my parents and were just a little disappointed to see nearly two feet of snow--ok a lot disappointed! It snowed ALL weekend and was cold and cloudy. Not really the weather we were hoping for. Charlie had been so excited to swing in the tree swing too. But...indoors we had fun exploring Grandma's cupboards and, hmmm, garbage can. We also caught Charlie with a piece of dog food, hopefully he hadn't already eaten a piece, but who knows! Charlie loved the music on Easter Sunday. Whenever he hears music he starts to mark the beat with his arms and sing along.


--(Above) Abel Austin can teach Charlie a lot, especially about how to eat cake and ice cream:) (Left) Cousin Aaron, Madelyn and Kaylynn and (below) Natalie and "Charlie Barley"

Charlie is lucky to have so many great buddies to pal around with. Mom and Dad are starting to realize that they're lucky too b/c Charlie is learning valuable lessons about sharing, hitting, poking, throwing..well, you get the picture. It's always entertaining on co-op days (one day a week a bunch of us exchange childcare) because Jen gets to see the kids' little imaginations at work. Natalie is the queen of make believe and always incorporates Charlie into her themes. The best yet is the day that Natalie was rescuing Baby Moses from Pharoah. I saw her insisting to Charlie that he "Let my people go!" and found out that Charlie was Pharoah! On another day, Little Mermaid was on the docket with Natalie as the main character, Ariel, and Charlie assigned to play the part of Flounder. Very amusing!