Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well hello there, Great Gram!

Just a few more months and I'll get to try your applesauce!
[Great grand #10, 8th boy and Levi makes pressure Marla;)]

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Friday, May 14, 2010

One Month Old Wesley

What a darling he is. Wesley gave me a wonderful Mother's Day gift--his first baby smiles! Those first gummy grins never cease to fill my heart with joy and erase all of the spit-up, stress, and sleepless nights from memory (not that I have much of a memory these days--due to aforementioned sleepless nights)! Actually, the nights are much-improved--considering he's still so little. He has started, this week, to go to bed at 9:30pm and sleep until 3am. Then, he'll usually get up one more time before morning (my "morning" being 7am). He's having lots more happy alert times now which is fun--especially listening to Charlie and Amelia "baby talk" with brother.

Baby W [1 Month Stats]:
No recent doctor's appt but, according to my bedroom scale and one of Charlie's tape measures--weighing in at 13 lbs and measuring 21.5 inches.
Likes...going anywhere in the Moby carrier, wiggling in the sunlight, his crib mobile, napping in the swing, sleeping in with mom, frequent meals
Dislikes...the infant car seat, being naked, mani/pedi-cures, hats, delayed meals

Overall, a delightful first month getting to know our little guy!
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